Mental Makeover: 6-Hour Phone Coaching Sign-Up

Congratulations on Your Decision to Become Better!

You have made a significant and important first-step in your journey of self-discovery.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” ~ Aristotle

If you are reading this, it it because you have been identified as a natural fit for the program. This also means we have had a chance to talk, so here is the re-summary of the investment details as promised during our discussion:



Course Details:

– 12 weeks worth of clarity conjuring empowerment exercises designed to stimulate your mind in new ways, open up awareness and develop your perspective

– Each Monday of the week your “homework” is delivered to you via e-mail. Respond and write as often as you feel but daily reflection is highly recommended.

– Here is where you will start your journey towards clarity and this website will be the vehicle that will carry your thoughts along the way.

– Your secure online notebook is the safeguard for your truths to surface and where all aspects of your personality are free to show up.

– Each entry offers as much private or as public as you wish. By default your entries are available only to yourself but feel free to share with friends or your coach.

– Included is the “Journal Coaching” package, where your coach will receive only the responses you want to be coached on, and you are free to post as many entries as needed along the way. Your coach is there to guide you, to encourage you and objectively help you see through some of the illusions and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

– Most coaches only allow access to them when you have a session. If something comes up in between you have to wait.  This scheduling tends to be an inconvenient for people seeking changes because life has a way of happening on it’s own time. You need the support when you need it!

That is why this course also features e-mail coaching support setup to help you succeed, whenever and however you need it!

– Over the 12 weeks and in-between online exercises you are free to contact Russ 24/7 at anytime you feel necessary.  Use the opportunity to share a win, bounce an idea off your coach, or use Russ in any way you see productive

6 Hours of Phone Coaching Sessions:

– 6 Hours worth of focused 1-on-1 Phone Coaching along with your Journal Coaching. You can choose to break these up into Thirty, Sixty or Ninety (30-60-90) minute coaching sessions conducted over the phone/skype.  My normal hourly rate is $250/hour, so if you were to purchase these calls separately just these sessions alone would cost you $1,500!

– Phone coaching sessions are booked on a first-request first-schedule basis. The initial phone session is typically booked after first week of coaching and subsequent sessions are book as needed there after. Calls are scheduled from (4pm PST – 9pm PST)(5pm EST – 8pm MST)(6pm CST – 9pm CST)(7pm EST – 10pm EST)

– Cancellations and rescheduling is easy within 24 hours notice. Any missed calls on the clients behalf that were scheduled will be counted as a session.

Common Client Benefits Include:

– Heightened Awareness about beliefs, goals, values and how you are “showing up” in the world

– Increased Clarity about your life goals so that you can make the better decisions to get you there

– Higher Level of Self-Esteem when you know how to create the results in your life that are important to you

– Improved Confidence about your self and your situation and your ability to set and reach goals

– Reduce Negative Stress by knowing how to stop it from accumulating to begin with

– Ask Better Questions to your self and in turn receive better information that you can use to get better results

– Widen Your Perspective, learn to see yourself in a new light, and work with your strengths

– Increase your Income Earning Ability and make more money by working less (or at least less hard)

– Increase Peace of Mind by knowing how to be your best and knowing you are doing your best at all times

– Improved Relationships as you get more confidence, feel more at peace and attract the type of people you truly want to be with

Everybody experiences the journey of Self-Discovery different, but everyone is pleasantly rewarded when they start self-reflecting.

What new insights and amazing discoveries will you experience?!

Save $$$, Start Now, Improve Your Future!
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Click here to find out more information about the Mental Makeover: Journal Coaching Program

Value-wise, here is how much you save:

    • Course Regular Price in 2011 $997
    • 6 Hours Phone/Skype Coaching  $1500

Mental Makeover – Awareness and Life Purpose Journal Coaching Program $2,497.00

(Shhhh…. don’t tell a soul about the price below, my mentor and clients both told me to raise the price of this course last year!)

Special 12-Week 6-Hour Phone Coaching Program “Package” Offer: $1,800.00 CAD

Hurry limited time only… based on value alone these prices cannot stay this low and WILL significantly increase soon.  This price was purposely made super low so and combined 1-on-1 support from your coach so it would be a ‘no-brainer’ for you to take action!  Besides if you don’t act now you run the risk of living with possible regret and always asking yourself… “what-if I would’ve learned that about myself sooner?“!!!


Special 3 Payment Plan for:
$615.00 First Payment
$615.00 Second Payment
$615.00 Third Payment

*Note a total fee of $45.00 ($15.00 per month) has been added on to the $900 to cover the extra merchant fees charged by PayPal.

After you take care of the investment details you will be directed to a page to fill out your profile.  Upon completing this step you will receive e-mail notification that you are a member.  At that time you will be manually plugged into the course and you’re ready to go!  If you have any questions, technical troubles, or comments call me (403) 668-4616 or send an e-mail to: