Continuing Coaching

Dear Mental Makeover Graduate!

Congratulations on your successful completion of the 10-week “Awareness and Life Purpose” Mental Makeover Course

It has truly been an honor to serve you during the past months.  Your journey to discover and unfold who you truly are has officially begun!

Please take a moment to fill out this brief post-coaching survey.  I use it to learn what worked well for clients, and find ways that I can improve the value of this program.  I am committed to providing the best experience possible for you and future clients. Thank you for taking the time to help.

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If you have taken time on a regular basis to journal and do the exercises, then you have undoubtedly experienced the power of self-reflection and awareness.  Awareness empowers you with the option to choose, because you can’t choose what you are not aware of.  Awareness is the secret weapon of your Mental Makeover journey, as it will continue on with you forever now. Your awareness is like a muscle, it gets better the more often you use it and exercise it.

As you become aware of new things in your life and seek to take on new goals you may realize your confidence could use a little boost. Relax.. I understand that is completely normal and natural. To maintain or increase levels of confidence you may wish to have a little support in your corner still. I would be happy to continue our relationship in any of the following ways you see fit:



As a graduate of the Mental Makeover Course you are entitled to Lifetime Long E-mail Support.
Should you wish to bounce an idea, share a success or simply ask for feedback, my personal inbox is available to you 24/7.
I’ve charged up to $197/month for e-mail access before but, to you dear client, I offer it FREE of charge as my way of saying Thank You!

Write down my e-mail addy or save it in your contacts for future reference:



For those of you who want to continue to use an online journal to rant, rave,  review, release and re-position your thoughts, here are a few different options for you:

Option 1

Sign up and take my free 5-week “Self-Reflection” program.  Just send an e-mail to the address above to let me know and I’ll set you up on the course immediately. It’s a basic level course but it keeps the journal process going. Please Note: This option is self-directed only and does not include feedback from your coach.

Option 2

Continue journaling with new journal prompts delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks. This slows down the frequency but keeps you connected to the journal. Please Note: This option is 1-on-1 coaching with the feedback and support from your coach.

Regular price $100.00 per month
Monthly Investment: $70.00
Two new journal prompts per month
Just $10 a day invested back into your self

Pay Yearly and Save Even More!
Yearly Investment: $696.00
It’s like getting two months free!
Total is less than the price of the 10-week Mental Makeover!



Knowing the support of a coach is on call and in your corner can be all the difference your confidence needs to take on that next goal. Off the street clients are booked at a billing rate of $250.00/hour, even though my mentors keep telling me to raise my fees. For graduates of my Mental Makeover Course I offer a special discounted rate of $175.00/hour, a savings of $75.00. To make it even more impossible to resist saying yes to the support you need, there are even further pricing allowances on multiple purchases.

Continuing your phone coaching support is easy, just pick one of the following three discounted investment options:

Option 1
1 – 30 Minute Coaching Session Per Month

Your Monthly Investment: $90.00
Save $75.00

Option 2
2 – 30 Minute Coaching Sessions Per Month

Your Monthly Investment: $150.00
Save $100.00

Option 3
3 – 30 Minute Coaching Sessions Per Month

Your Monthly Investment: $225.00
Save $150.00

If you really want to continue to momentum of coaching cost-effectively then here is the packages for you!  The 60% savings alone make this both an unbelievable and an unbeatable investment for your future personal growth!

Coaching Calls: regular rate $250.00/hour x 12 months = $3,000.00
Online Journaling: regular rate $100.00/month x 12 months = $1200.00
Total Yearly Coaching Package: $4,200.00

Yearly Coaching Package
– unlimited access to online journals
– 2 new journal prompts a month
– up to 2 – 30 minute phone sessions per month
– 1 years worth of well-being bundled into one price

Save an incredible $2,400.00 for a limited time only!

Yearly Coaching Package Payment Options

Yearly Coaching Package (3 Payment Option)
Total Investment: $1,875.00
Financed over 3 equal and easy payments of $625.00
Total finance service charges = $75.00

Yearly Coaching Package (6 Payment Option)
Total Investment: $1,950.00
Financed over 6 equal and easy payments of $325.00
Total finance service charges = $150.00

One of the greatest compliments I can receive from someone is a referral.  In fact, my humble business lives and thrives off referrals, and it also helps me to serve my mission of affecting change to thousands of people. If there is someone that you think might benefit from having a conversation with me, drop me a line with the details, including how I can reach them, and I’d be happy to arrange it.

Let me assure you that I will speak to them with the same level of respect, discretion, and understanding that I extended to you. If there is not a natural fit for my services then I am more than comfortable telling them so and recommending something or referring someone.

Here’s the best part… (just in case if helping me help the world, and helping someone you care about wasn’t payment enough)

For every person that signs up for a Mental Makeover you will receive
* either a months worth of online journal coaching, or 1 – 30 minute coaching phone call

With 3 referrals the rewards are even greater!

Sign up 3 referral Mental Makeovers and you will receive
* either 6 months worth of online journal coaching, or up to 6 – 30 minute coaching phone calls

So… Who came to mind first? You’d be surprised how many of us suffer from poor thinking! Drop me an e-mail or call me and let me know.