Nikken Testimonials on YouTube

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Dutch & Ruth VanKrieken – Sisters, OR –testimony on Autism

walk now for Autism—with Autism Speaks which who Nikken is partnered with on research and development. 10% of all Sports bracelets sales are donated to Autism Speaks

Dave & Mona Wright—Seizures and business

Pat Terry – Registered Nurse—where health care is going, health and business challenges in the medical industry— why Nikken? Talks a bit about Autism as well.

Dick and Nancy Walker—Dick is a physician in emergency medicine, good testimonyon sleep and restless leg syndrome. Talks about the importance of a wellness home.

Kay Logan – Illinois—Major car accident testimony

Barbara Maurice—Postpolio, fibromyalgia and Dibetes Testimony

Nikken & Cerebral Palsy – A heartwarming story!

Linda Morris – Successful Nikken Consultant—Testimony on new Skin Care Line and business building opportunity

Susan Jeske – Nikken Skin Care spokes person and a previous MS America

Nikken Consultants – David & Cereta Lamphere—PowerMag testimony

Spinal Cord Damage Testimony

Nikken Business Opportunity—Dutch VanKrieken

Nikken Business Opportunity—Julie Tara

Nikken Business Opportunity—Valerie

Nikken Business Opportunity—Luma from Argentina

Nikken Business Opportunity—Ann McNabb

Rick & Gina Moran—Carpal Tunnel & Endemia testimony

The Cola Test – Nikken Water System, will it clean?

Nikken Business Opportunity—Kathy Seroka

Perfect Storm Of Opportunity—Paul Zane Pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer on WealthTrack

10 million new Millionaires will be created by 2016—Motivational song

Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki Explains the Benefits of Network Marketing

After seeing THE SECRET listen to Bob Proctor on Nikken

Dr. Nelson, Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 1)

Dr. Nelson, Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 2)

Dr. Nelson, Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 3)

Dr. Nelson, Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 4)

Dr. Nelson, Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 5)

Dr. Nelson, Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 6)

Dr. Nelson, Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 7)