New To Internet Marketing?

How can You use Internet Marketing and Online Technology to LEVERAGE Your Business?

Does the thought of earning more money while doing less repetitive work excite you?

The Internet has been around for a while and by now you have probably have heard at least one news story about a dot-com overnight millionaire, or a technologically-challenged newbie making a website that generates it’s HUGE amounts of profit, or perhaps you can recall reading about some self-made Internet millionaires only in their teens!

So what’s the deal, are these people computer geniuses, plain lucky, or just perhaps, in the proverbial right place at the right time?

A lot of people are making money on the Internet, but of course I am not talking quantity, I am referring to quality. If you have a quality offer then chances are high that you are making money on the web, ***with one significantly important prerequisite, you have a quality marketing system to present your offer.

Failure to plan for the Internet is plan to fail for most businesses.

So what happens to your business when you know you need to develop a web presences and your an absolute beginner?

For example your business might be in trouble if you think that a “back link” has either something to do with the last 9 holes in golf, or the term for the return of a sausage roll.

If admittedly this is you, you can Click here for a Small Business Strategy Session that will once and for all uncover whether or not any of these Internet technologies can truly benefit your business.

Of course you could pay someone in your company to figure out your web pressence, but if current funds dictate that this is just another hat you have to wear then what do you do on a limited budget?

Well for starters you should seek out a reliable resource that can give you the straight goods on a variety of topics and technologies and how they may or may not apply to your business.

Do you want the peace of mind of finally knowing whether or not the “buzz” words you hear flying around like: web blogs, video blog, podcasts, viral campaigns, auto-responders, VOIP, SEO, Internet marketing, opt-in strategy, list building, joint ventures, affiliates, teleseminar, webinars, links ebooks, and social networking can make a dramatic impact on your marketing return?

Do you want to learn whether the power of social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Digg It, LinkedIn, and dozens more can boost the bottom line of your business?

Do you want continue to ignore your opportunity to gain access to simple yet powerful FREE online tools that can transform your business profits instantly?

Although very few would have predicted it, there is one thing to say for certain, and that is the Internet aka, the “world wide web” is not going away. Is your business going away? Ok, Ok, you understand the Internet is worth checking out for your business, now what? If you are motivated to take action and take advantage of a complimentary Small Business Strategy Session click here.

And interestingly enough, ‘here’ is where most people stop checking out their online options, and start checking into self-doubt or denial. Self-doubt because they think they will never come upon the resources necessary to create an online presence, and denial in believing that their business won’t benefit from Internet technology and online marketing. The fear and doubt that often comes from establishing an online pressence isn’t without good reason.

90% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years, 90% of those that succeed don’t see a 10 year birthday.

The #1 reason why practically 99% of all small businesses fail… Incompetent Management.

Looking at this a bit further, according to Business Trainer and Leader Brian Tracy, 48% of those fail because of poor sales & marketing and 46% fail due to poor cost control.

So as the manager of your small business how do you make the right decision in regards to your sales and marketing without breaking the bank?

If you are a service provider, sales agent, independent professional or related the answer is move your presence online and capture the power of the Internet. The #1 problem and only reason why everyone isn’t pursuing this strategy is because getting online and noticed in a profitably manner isn’t easy.

Those small business that bravely weather the web to assert an online presence usually end-up “stubbing their toe” on the first few technologies or service providers they try.  Because they don’t know which online puzzle piece ultimately fits best into their unique business, many give up defeated and discouraged during those first few attempts. There are two ways to dramatically improve your chances of online survival, do you want to know what they are?

Persistence AND a clear vision about the end goal of your online efforts is required, other wise your are very likely to go broke, go crazy, or both!

Life rewards the small few of small business owners that persist with the creation of “proven systems” and those systems persistently pay them profits in return. It’s like building a canal of cash to tap into wealth and then watching it flow back to you easily and effortlessly.

So you agree that persistence is a good thing, however you are probably still curious about the part on “getting a clear vision” right?

That’s where we step in.

You know Your business inside out and We know all the In’s and Out’s about how to get a business online in a Predictable and Profitable manner.

Use the form below or send us an e-mail including a brief description of your current #1 Internet Marketing problem or biggest promotional challenge and we will work hard to accomodate you on our schedule.

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