Needs List

BE ACCEPTED – approved, be included, respected, allowed, be popular

TO ACCOMPLISH – achieve, fulfill, realize, attain, victory

BE ACKNOWLEDGED – be worthy, appreciated, be praised, valued, thanked

BE LOVED – held fondly, cherished, be adored, be preferred, liked

BE RIGHT– morally right, not mistaken, be encouraged, honest, understood

BE CARED FOR – tenderness, be helped, attention, cared about, embraced

CERTAINTY – obviousness, commitments, accuracy, assurance, precision

BE COMFORTABLE – prosperity, opulence, excess, served, taken care of

TO COMMUNICATE – be heard, be listened to, share, tell stories, informed

TO CONTROL – mange, command, restrain, be obeyed, restrict

BE NEEDED – need to give, please others, be important, affect others, be useful

DUTY – obligated, do the right thing, have a task, be devoted, have a cause

BE FREE – independent, privileged, self-reliant, immune, liberated

HONESTY – sincerity, uprightness, loyalty, frankness, tell all

ORDER – perfection, right-ness, checklists, consistent, regulated

PEACE – quietness, calmness, respite, balance unity

POWER – authority, stamina, strength, results, influence

RECOGNITION– be noticed, be remembered, see, acclaim, celebrated

SAFETY – security, cautious, protected, stable, guarded

WORK – career, responsibility, performance, vocation, be busy