Success Structures

Success Structures are devices that remind us of our visions, goals, purpose. These can be any thing or action item that one must take immediately, practice regularly, or discipline daily.

The most effective structures are most often the structures you design for yourself. Here are some examples of structures that you can experiment with to see what type of benefits and support you may derive.



Can be used to remind you it is time to do something, for example: take a breath, leave for an appointment, acknowledge someone, get ready for bed.

Try timing your visualization in the morning. Use a small timer like an egg timer to keep you on track with your meditations. 

Clothes, Clothing Accessories/Jewelry

Scarves, ties, suits, shirts, socks, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches all can remind us to be any number of things: playful, sensual, flirtatious, powerful, forgiving, elegant, warm…there are endless possibilities.

Wearing socks that don’t match for two weeks to remind you that you get to decide this for yourself.

Jewelry that is worn on a daily basis, such as a wedding ring or watch can be moved to a different wrist or finger as a very present reminder of a homework assignment.


Most computers will allow you to customize a screen-saver. You may want to use affirmations or beautiful scenery to remind you of a compelling goal or vision.

Computers also have alarms and can be used to remind us to stop working, take a break, or start something.

Post Cards

Why not address a postcard to yourself to remind you of an accomplishment, a dream, a deadline, or a goal?


Two bowls with stones…moving a stone from one to the other can signify lots of things, for example, from worrying to not worrying

Put a stone, coin, etc., in your pocket to keep something in focus all day. Writing your values on stones, and drawing one for the day can act as a reminder to more fully honour your values.

Post-it Notes

Affirmations or powerful phrases placed on the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror can help you remember something all week. 

Consider post-it notes for the car. Caveat: Do not ever add a note that you do not plan on immediately tackling, otherwise it ends up as clutter and has the opposite effect on your productivity.


These are often effective in capturing your thoughts and feelings. Collages are also great for deepening your vision.


Playing a favourite CD in the morning to set the tone for the day. Even better, wake up to your favorite song by purchasing an Alarm Clock with a CD player.

Change the words to a song to be about a goal/plan, and sing it every morning in the shower or car.


Leaving a message on your own voicemail as a reminder of something or to acknowledge your progress.


Keep a gratitude journal.

Write successes each evening. Review your successes and strengths from the previous day in the morning.

“Conscious Markers”

Conscious Markers help us remember what we need to do by incorporating the reminder in a pre-requisite step.

For example, you put the car keys in the refrigerator in order to remember to take lunch to work.

You can develop this sort of strategy around things that make follow-through as unavoidable as not being able to leave the house without the keys-lunch combination.

Put keepsakes on your desk to remind you of exciting projects you have. For example a travel brochure for a trip you plan to take.

Put items you wish to share with friends on a table near the door. Make sure you have to pass it on the way out of the house and make a point not to bring it.

Create an archive of old beliefs.

Fresh flowers can be a structure to bring beauty into your home.

Sharing Structures

Feel free to share some of your favorite and most inspiring conscious markers or Success Structures with me and I will post some of the most exciting ones. Contact Russell Now.