Values List

ADVENTURE – risk, quest, dare, experiment, venture, thrill

BEAUTY – grace, elegance, attractiveness, radiance, refinement

TO CATALYZE – impact, spark, move forward, energize, influence

TO CONTRIBUTE – facilitate, improve, strengthen, serve, assist

TO CREATE – design, imagination, invent, build, inspire

TO DISCOVER – detect, distinguish, uncover, observe, perceive

TO FEEL – sense, to experience, in touch with, to feel good, be with

TO LEAD – guide, persuade, model, influence, encourage

MASTERY – expert, superiority, adept, best, excellence

PLEASURE – have fun, bliss, be amused, sports, play games

BE SENSITIVE – tenderness, touch, show compassion, respond, support

BE SPIRITUAL – be aware, honouring, devoting, be passionate, be accepting

TO TEACH – educate, inform, instruct, enlighten, explain

TO WIN – score, accomplish, acquire, attain, attract