Mental Makeover

Not Really Sure If You Need a “Mental Makeover”?

Then Ask Yourself Just 5 Questions Critical to Your Happiness:

  1. Do You Feel Like You Are Fully In Control of Your Life?
  2. Are You 100% Financially Secure?
  3. Does the Lifestyle of Your Dreams Match the Lifestyle You Are Currently Living?
  4. Are You Happy With the Person You Are When No One Else is Looking?
  5. Are You Solely Focused on Getting the Most Out of Each Moment in Life?


If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, then you are truly in need of a “Mental Makeover”. Don’t be alarmed—you are by no means alone. In fact, millions of people live out their lives in sheer frustration and unable to achieve their true goals because of one common enemy: Their own thoughts.

It’s 100% true: Your own thoughts open or close off opportunities each and every day. Unfortunately, many of us start to feel “trapped” in our own lives because we don’t understand or realize that a negative mindset has taken root and is literally closing off opportunities that could help free us from our situation.

But when we are trapped in a negative mindset (or a “struggle mentality), we can’t see opportunities right in front of us. Instead, the mind focuses on the negative and literally tears down or destroys those same opportunities in a self-destructive cycle.

To better understand the implications of a struggle mentality and how it can truly prevent you from realizing your dreams and goals, lets look at two people who are both struggling with their finances because they lost their jobs 2 weeks ago.

Bob, with a negative mindset or struggle mentality, spends his spare time complaining about his old company and how they “did him wrong” by letting him go after 10 years of hard work and loyal service—to the point of alienating friends and any potential colleagues who might be able to help him land a job somewhere else.

Susan, on the other hand, has a Success Mindset and instead of talking down about her former employer—tells others about the great opportunities her time with the company gave her and how it allowed her to grow and advance. This not only helps keep her positive and on the lookout for new opportunities—but also makes it easier for her to network and have others help her find a new opportunity elsewhere.

So What Is a “Mental Makeover” and How Can It Help You?

Although I will explain in greater detail a little later, a Mental Makeover is basically a process of learning how to transform your fears and “negative mindset” into hope and a “positive mindset” that puts you back on the path towards living the life you want and deserve.

Now what each of us “want and deserve” will vary, the common ingredient for success in attaining these goals and desires is the positive mindset.

In time, the positive mindset literally becomes ingrained to the point that you develop a long-term success mindset. This long-term success mindset is the ultimate goal of any mental makeover.

But make no mistake: You can’t attain this “positive mindset” or the longer-term “success mindset” by simply wishing it into existence—it takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to “rethink everything”.

Are You Ready for a “Mental Makeover”?

Unfortunately, many of us are not ready for a true “Mental Makeover” because we are still trapped in a negative mindset or struggle mentality and unwilling to rethink how we see ourselves and the world around us.  And since a true Mental Makeover requires so much hard work and dedication, its not wise to undertake one unless you are truly ready to do what it takes to achieve the success mindset so critical to achieving your hopes and dreams.

And That’s Precisely Why I Developed the “Mental Check-Up”…

It’s simple: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it until they are ready.

I think the same is true of the “Mental Makeover”— if you aren’t ready for it, then its just going to be a waste of your time, energy, and resources to get started but be unable to finish. So that’s why I created the “Mental Check-Up”.

The “Mental Check-Up” is a very simple and informal 15-20 minute one-on-one consultation with me to basically determine one thing: Are you truly ready for a Mental Makeover?

To determine this, I will ask you a couple of very simple questions and just get to know you better. If I believe you are ready for the Mental Makeover, I will review the best program for you and then let you decide when or if to take the next step—simple as that.

Warning: You May Not Be Ready for a Mental Makeover Right Now

In some cases, the Mental Check-Up reveals that a person isn’t ready for a Mental Makeover at that particular moment in their lives. Don’t worry—if that is the case, I will gladly help you get ready by providing you with the guidance you need to open your mind and receive the full benefits of a Mental Makeover.

In either case, your Mental Check-Up is guaranteed:

  • 100% Free of Charge: You don’t even need your credit card because I won’t even charge you one dime for the Mental Check-Up—it’s 100% good old-fashioned FREE.
  • Free From Future Financial Obligation: You are under no obligation to purchase anything when you sign-up and receive your free Mental Check-Up—guaranteed.
  • To Help Revitalize Spirits and Clarify Thoughts: During your brief but highly effective Mental Check-Up, I’ll help you clarify your thoughts and revitalize spirits for the challenges that lie ahead.
  • Limited to 1 Person Per Business Day: I do apologize but I am only one person and between my other obligations, I can only provide 1 Mental Check-Up per business day—and yes, they are ALL Free!

Sign-Up Today and Be the One Who Gets a One-on-One “Mental Check-Up” Guaranteed To Help Revitalize Spirits and Bring Clarity to Your Thoughts—Absolutely Free!



But Can a Mental Makeover Really Help Me or Is This Just a Waste of My Time?

The True Power of the “Success Mindset”

Having a “success mindset” is far more complicated than simply being positive or upbeat each day. In fact, the long-term success mindset is a lifestyle choice that helps provide you with the 3 Core Freedoms to personal happiness.

Time Freedom

Right now, this very moment, is the most important moment in your life because it determines every moment that follows. Unfortunately, most people are unhappy with where they are right now because fear has limited them to a negative mindset or struggle mentality that cuts them off from opportunities to live the life they want and deserve.

This is why many “successful people” have tons of money but no time to actually enjoy it. Sadly, they are literally stuck “in the rat race” and unable to live the life they truly want and deserve.

But with a success mindset, you will gain “Time Freedom” and truly appreciate each and every moment in your life. So if you want more time to do the things you want and love—more Time Freedom—then attaining a success mindset is the critical first step!

Money Freedom

Money Freedom is the ability to truly live life on your own terms and helps determine everything from where you want to live to where you spend your vacations—virtually all lifestyle choices requiring money. Without true money freedom, you don’t have the control the mind needs to live at peace with your surroundings.

Think of it this way: Your self-worth is directly related to “net worth”. Your income will never exceed the value you place on yourself which is why you can never attain lasting Money Freedom without a success mindset.

A success mindset is the critical ingredient to attaining lasting money freedom because it provides the clarity of purpose you need to see and take advantage of financial opportunities you can’t see when you have a negative mindset.

Energy Freedom

Having all the time and money in the world isn’t going to do you any good if you are too sick to enjoy it! One of the biggest consequences of a negative mindset is stress. At first, this stress will lead to problems like insomnia, low energy levels, inability to focus/concentrate, etc. But over time, stress will deplete your immune system and dramatically increase your risk for serious health problems like heart attack or stroke.

With a success mindset, your stress levels are virtually zero because you have the time and money to live the life you want and deserve on your own terms—you gain “Energy Freedom”. This Energy Freedom translates into lower stress levels, greater energy throughout the day, and yes—significantly lower risk for serious major health problems down the road.

But having Energy Freedom is about so much more than simply being healthy—its about claiming your birth rite to true inner peace and genuinely enjoying each moment in life to its fullest. But it doesn’t come automatically and can only be attained with a true Success Mindset.

So What Exactly is Involved in a “Mental Makeover”?

A Mental Makeover isn’t some “one-time” event or destination—it’s a journey. During this journey, you will be writing about, reviewing, and revisiting some of your experiences to help free you from your negative mindset and create positive, long-lasting changes.

The first step along your journey will be mastering your own “mental game” so that you can quickly overcome the emotional challenges that have been blocking you from time, money, and energy freedom you want and deserve.

Don’t worry: Unlike psychotherapy that can take years or even months, the entire Mental Makeover process takes only a few short weeks from start to finish. When we are done, you are guaranteed to have made the transition from negative to success mindset—or I’ll provide a full refund without question. Simple as that.

How Will My Life Really Change After My Mental Makeover?

Clients who commit to journaling and giving themselves 100% to the Mental Makeover process have all experienced the development of what I call:


These are not mere words or some clever marketing strategy: The Unstoppable Success Mindset brings with it a very real and tangible set of benefits for you and your life, including:

  • Enhanced Awareness of Thoughts, Beliefs, Values, and Purpose
  • Enhanced Clarity of Current Situation, Future Outlook, and Goals Needed To Realize Your Vision
  • Dramatic Increase in Self-Confidence In All Facets of Your Life
  • More Control Over Your Own Attitudes and Mental States

A success mindset is the shortcut to breaking the cycle of bad behaviors and becoming more responsible so you can finally attain the life you want and deserve. A success mindset will allow you to think with excellence, make empowered choices, come to decisions quickly, and act confidently.

In the end, the mental makeover is designed to help you reprogram the mind to break through self-limiting beliefs and bad emotional habits. The mental makeover will teach you how to manage your own mind. Because at the end of the day: Either you control your emotions or they control you.

So how will your life really change after the mental makeover? Imagine yourself relaxed, confident and carefree in any and all situations—truly willing and able to handle it all. That, is how your life will change and where you go from there—is truly up to you and your own vision for your future!

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I have literally helped 1,000’s of clients literally transform their negative mindsets into success mindsets in just weeks—and I can help you too.

But honestly, I don’t know which Mental Makeover program is best for you or if you are even truly ready for Time, Money, and Energy freedom—until I can speak with you. That’s why I don’t try and sell my services outright or even talk about specific programs until I can speak with you first. That way I can ensure that you are truly getting the best program for you and your unique situation.

I have learned from experience that you never rush someone into making a decision or try to sell them something they don’t want or need—ever. So put away your credit card and sign-up for your Free Mental Check-Up today!

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Russell Small

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