Platinum Level Coaching

Personal and Business e-Coaching – The Affordable Coaching Structure.

Has it ever occurred to you that you could have more, feel more and even do more than what’s happening in your current reality?

Have you ever stopped and wondered what exactly was holding you back from having everything you want? No matter the person or prevention the answer is always because of Imagination.

Your imagination is the vehicle that drives your success. If you want to experience success then you better start picturing it clearly. The act of vividly visualizing your own success is the key ingredient to making any change possible. Of course this isn’t the only step, but this is certainly one of the first.

When it comes to your life and your business, if you cannot picture yourself succeeding at something then chances are you won’t.

This is why having a personal vision statement or a business mission statement is so critical to success.

As a human being… if you don’t know what principals you stand for, then you will fall for anything.

As a business entity… if you don’t know exactly why your customers should buy from you then you shouldn’t expect them to either.

As a coach, I will help show you what is truly possible for your life when you get clear on your values and super-size your vision.

What are the Platinum Level Membership Benefits?

If you are looking for convenient and affordable answers and solutions to move your life forward then Platinum e-Coaching is the program for you.

It is logical to state that a membership is only as good as the benefit it provides. Furthermore, when it comes to a benefits value, it is always assumed until actually experienced. Therefore don’t just rely on my word about the benefits of coaching, take a moment and imagine this for yourself:

How would it feel to finally stop playing small, living broke, being unhappy and feeling unhealthy?

How much would you pay to get off the cycle of suffering and get on to the wheel of good fortune?

How valuable would a clear vision and principles to guide your life and business be to you?

How much is it worth for you to become an irresistible attraction magnet to the opposite sex?

How profitable would it be to gain more sales and work less by learning how to be more in the moment?

How much is it worth to you to breakthrough the mental blocks that are holding you hostage?

How would you like any of the above to be a benefit of your coaching? It can be.

The question is no longer whether you can afford to do this, the question is whether you can continue to afford not too!

Here’s what this membership level is all about…

Anything that is conceived with imagination and believed with spirit can be achieved in the physical world.

This isn’t a theory, this is in fact the only process that has ever created anything in the world. Do you suppose that an airplane constructed itself? Do you think that someone automatically knew how to build one? Everything you see now was once just an idea or concept in someones mind before it was manifested into reality.

Therefore the only reason that you are not soaring to success is simple… because no one has shown you step-by-step how to! That’s where the real beauty of this e-Coaching program comes in.

The Platinum Level program includes the following:

Platinum Level Members have V.I.P. e-mail access to Russell, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make sure they are continually moving forward.

Every month members get unlimited e-mails to ensure that their days, weeks, and months stay on-track.

Members use this service as a convenient and affordable way to ask questions, get problems-solved, and brainstorm better business ideas.

Members enjoy having their very own Imagination coach at their fingertips before they make the costly mistakes!

Platinum Members have access to the upcoming and anticipated 5-Weeks to Self-Mastery e-Course and support forum.

Platinum Level Members receive 20% off all regular priced offers of Russell’s products and programs

How would it feel to be able to move forward confidently in your life and/or your business starting right now? If you can imagine your success you are already half way there. The other half of the equation is by signing up to become a Platinum Level Member today.

Who is the ideal Platinum Level member?

The Platinum Level Program is not for people that can be described by any one of the following terms: Quitter, Slacker, Complainer, Whiner, Blamer, Flaky, Inconsiderate, Impatient and Lazy. If this is you please don’t waste either of our time. There may be other programs that will help you get results, Platinum e-Coaching isn’t one of them.

Platinum Level Members have already begun their journey of self-development. They are the type of people who are already on their way, but just need some love, support, guidance and coaching in order to get there faster than they would alone.

The ideal Platinum Level member is one who can describe them self with the following words:

Can Do’er
Do Whatever it Takes

Platinum Members have no problem working hard, in fact they’ve probably worked hard all their life. However, Platinum Members see the benefits from working less by working smarter not harder. They realize that if you work smarter not harder then you can get better results. Results are important to Platinum Level members because these are people who aspire to do better and be better in their lives, in their business and in their community.

Ready to start a dynamic e-Coaching relationship that will take you and/or your business to the next level?