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Ask yourself does this describe me?

– You are looking to become more aware about yourself.
– You know you’re capable of doing more, being more, and having more.
– You are lazy only because you lack motivation and inspiration.
– You are not sure what you want in life but you know it isn’t what you are doing and have now.
– You know what you want in life but you have no idea how to get it.
– You know what you want in life and know how to get it but you have no time or energy to do it.
– You know what you want and how to get it but you have no idea why you don’t have it.
– You lack motivation because you are unsure, anxious, confused.
– You are confused because you lack clarity, understanding, and/or purpose.
– You don’t know what your values are and their order of importance.
– You are ready to foster a stronger sense of self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem.
– You are searching for tools to help develop a more positive mindset.
– You need to gain control and deal with your emotions more effectively.
– You are ready to learn techniques to reduce stress and handle challenging situations.
– You are ready to learn how to deal with and work through worry and anxiety.
– You are ready, willing and committed to doing something for yourself for a change.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions than it is time to:
Join the Energy Awareness Revolution.

The more Yes’s you had the more benefits you will receive from joining. Life is not supposed to be full of frustration, pain, anger, struggle, regrets, bad luck, disappointments and depression! If you are ready to live a lifestyle beyond your wildest imagination then now is the time to do something about it.

Come join other like-minded Energy Enthusiasts in our community and receive FREE online Self-Reflection Empowerment Exercises every week. Each exercise is designed to make you more aware of who you truly, how you may potentially be losing energy, and what you can do to gain it back. While journal entries are 100% confidential and private, you always have the option for a Life Coach to review it and provide feedback. What do you have to lose? We know what you have to gain! Join the Energy Awareness Revolution

Aspire :: Attract :: Act :: Achieve

Are you worried, anxious, stressed, and fearful about your current situation?

The challenges of living life can get the best of us all, especially in busy times and a fast-paced world.  If you are like more, you are often asked to do more in less time while stretching your dollar ever further.  Staying on top of your game is harder than ever, if you slip up or fall behind it can quickly become a daunting task to return to form.  Some people realize this and use it as an excuse to stop them from even trying.

What is your “game strategy”?  How do approach life from your perspective?  What mindset do you employ? A mindset is a system or structure of thinking you use to govern your life.  This is composed of your unique set of rules, principals, ideas and notions you choose to believe.  Whether you are aware of it or not, your day’s are determined by your mindset.

If you want to change your mindset you must first become aware of it, otherwise you would have no way of recognizing what to change or if you succeeded.  Think about a weight management program without a scale, it’s pretty hard to track.  There is a saying “that which gets measured gets improved”.  It only makes sense to measure and find out which beliefs work for best for us.  Ask yourself how many beliefs are YOU aware of using?

You must first become aware of something before ever expecting to use it effectively.  How can you become more aware?  How can you help yourself see things from different perspectives?  How can you gain increased confidence from considering things from more perspective?  How can you discover which perspective works better for you?  How can you have breakthroughs in your mindset that result in perspective shifts? How can you help keep your best perspective in mind more often? Join the Energy Awareness Revolution.

“If I could give you one gift, I would reflect back to you the ability to see yourself as I see you, so you could see how truly special you are.”

Einstein is quoted as saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result”.  Are you at risk of going insane?  Are you losing your mind beating your head against the wall trying to make significant changes in your life?  Does your brain start to go foggy and feel confused state when it comes to thinking about these changes?  Do you wonder why is it so hard to change?

Humans naturally resist change and opt to do whatever we know.  This is often called staying inside our comfort zones.  Sometimes we make habits of things that don’t serve our goals, other times we keep trying to use strategies that once worked but are no longer effective.  To make matters worse, we can all be stubborn at times, especially when it comes to doing things ourselves.  We always want to maintain a perceived sense of control, no matter how out of control we allow things to actually get!  Most of us don’t want to ask for help.

Many people don’t want risk looking foolish or appearing weak, even when they’re clearly in need of help.  If we are stubborn we march on alone, but a great many will just stop trying altogether.    How can you see things from a different perspective besides the one you think about?

Ask yourself, who can you turn to if things get rough and the going gets tough? If possible, we turn to our parents, spouse or relatives.  Other people turn to teachers or successful people they know.  But what if you don’t have a spouse or don’t know anyone successful?  What if you are exactly like your parents and you learned your unwanted habits from the person you expect to turn to!  Chances are likely that you have adopted your mindset by default, from the primary influences in your life.  This mindset is usually mimicked from the family member who spent the most time raising you, your primary care giver.

The only way to discover a better way for the future is to uncover how it is not working now.  The only way to do this objectively is by keeping record of it.  When you need someone you can trust but perhaps that person isn’t available at this moment you can always turn to a journal.  Plus, you have the added option of instantly tapping into a community of like-minded people (if you choose).  Develop your self-confidence and self-reliance and Join the Energy Awareness Revolution today!

“A life worth living is a life worth recording.” – Anthony Robbins

There are a lot of benefits associated with keeping a Self-Reflection journal –– mental, emotional, and even physical.  Studies have found that, when people write about their deepest thoughts and feelings, it can result in fewer doctor visits, fewer depressive symptoms, and enhanced immune system functioning.

Writing helps to clarify your ideas and get your problem-solving juices flowing.  A Self-Reflection journal creates an informal environment in which you can feel encouraged to discuss your needs and circumstances in an open, safe and secure way.

When you keep a Self-Reflection journal, you have the chance to sort out your thoughts and feelings about conditions, issues, and people in your life.  Self-Reflection journaling allows you to look back and more easily see any patterns that you may have fallen into.  This process also helps you keep track of the progress you make towards your goals.  A Self-Reflection journal will help you get to know the “real” you and help you learn and grow from your life experience.

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Who is this Free Self-Reflection Program Ideal for?:

Self-Reflection is definitely not for everybody.  The type of person that is best suited for a this program is someone who wants to win and doesn’t have any choice or desire not to win.  This person wants more out of life and is determined to find a way to get it, they are tired of settling for less. Someone who seeks out a little extra support and guidance to get to the next level faster than they would alone.

These are people who the world desperately needs to join the Revolution:

Students, young leaders, career seekers, single mothers, small business owners, nurses, holistic professionals, health care workers, care providers, service providers, network marketers, life coaches, managers, leaders, executives and entrepreneurs.

Begin your personal journey of self-discovery.  Take this opportunity to express yourself, get guidance and gain awareness.  Get advice and feedback on the things in life that you feel are important.

Upon Signing Up You Will Get…

  • Each week you will be delivered a new Energy and Self-Awareness assignment designed to systematically develop your awareness, discover your energy practices and determine the action necessary to achieve success.
  • Want the advice of a life coach?  How about for free?!  Get free feedback on any three (3) entries you choose.
  • The opportunity to social network with other members of the community.  At your discretion feel free to share your experience with like-minded people who are also interested in making significant changes in their lives. (*Note: you can always remain completely anonymous, or share whenever you so choose)
  • Receive insider priority access and exclusive special pricing to upcoming programs and courses.

Does Joining the Energy Awareness Revolution make sense for you now?

Get better results in your business, career, personal relationships, health and wealth. You have nothing to lose and your amazing future to gain! 

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