SR® Coaching

Subconscious Restructuring Coaching (SR® Coaching)

The Definitive Standard for

  • Personal Coaching
  • Corporate Training
  • Emotional Intelligence

As a Certified Subconscious Restructuring (SR®) Coach, Russ offers  SR® Coaching, an Evidence-based Proven Process to Recognize, Access, and Restructure the Power of Your Subconscious.

Powerful Breakthrough Results for:

  • Anxiety
  • Self-Esteem
  • Depression
  • Motivation
  • Eating Disorders
  • Weight Control

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There are 7 Steps to Self-Empowerment with Subconscious Restructuring (SR® Coaching)

Below is the basic layout of the program.

Step 1 – Emotional Checklist

Everything you do as a human being is emotionally driven and this is how you measure and monitor your progress.

Step 2 – Subconscious Perspective & Empowering Questions

You will discover how to permanently take control of your life from the deepest level of your subconscious.

Step 3 – Subconscious Self-Image

If you want to move forward quickly the most important subconscious image you will ever change is the image you have of yourself right now.  You will also create pictures that inspire you and use those new pictures to replace ones that may be holding you back.

Step 4 – Stop & Replace System

This step of the process uses all the elements of the program to simply help you unlearn what does not work and replace it with what does.

Step 5 – The Heart of SR®

Achieve all of your Love, Health, Wealth and Self-Image goals through the daily use of this empowering tool.

Step 6 – Food & Fitness Planner

Recognize and replace emotionally driven foods with an emotional state that empowers you.

Step 7 – Trance-Formation

The most powerful guided meditation you will ever experience.

Would you like to feel better more often?  Looking to stay focused on your goals?  Want to learn how to switch from your negative thinking? SR® Coaching will help you conquer negative emotions and enjoy your life again.

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SR® Coaching can be customized to fit the requirements and needs of you and/or your business.

1-on-1 (In Person) –  Russ is no longer accepting clients at the Serenity Now Wellness Center. To inquire about the next open availability contact Russ.

1-on-1 (Online/On Phone) – Russ is currently not accepting clients.

Group (2-12 people) – Let Russ bring his message of emotional fitness to your team and show them how to restructure their minds for success. Popular team restructuring topics include improving: emotional management, goal-achieving, self-confidence, and effective communication. Contact Russ to customize and agenda for your next group retreat or ask how we can host your next team building workshop.

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