Subconscious Restructuring FAQ’s

Subconscious Restructuring (SR®) Coaching FAQ’s

1) What is SR® and what is the difference from other counseling, coaching or psychotherapy disciplines?

Subconscious Restructuring® Definition: SR® is an evidence-based 7 Step counseling life coach discipline designed to interrupt, restructure and reprogram one’s emotional state and behavior from the nucleus of the subconscious.

Life Coach Definition from – An advisor who helps people with problems, decisions, and goal attainment in daily life

Counseling Definition from – Professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems

Psychotherapy Definition from – The treatment of psychological disorders or maladjustments by a professional technique, as psychoanalysis, group therapy, or behavioral therapy

2) Why do I need to change my subconscious programming to attain my conscious goals?

Everything you have ever seen, smelled, heard, tasted or felt is stored in your subconscious mind. The subconscious uses this information to develop and establish how you perceive your world. This is what we refer to as your subconscious programming. These programs can emerge at any time of the day or night. Why is this significant? It is significant because the subconscious runs approximately four times faster than you can speak and right now you do not even know what the subconscious is doing. This is why the success rate for issues like permanent weight loss is less than 5%. Consciously you tell yourself you want to lose weight but the subconscious mind continues to move you in the direction of a well-established learned behavior, and of course the subconscious will almost always win unless you understand how it works. Your SR® Coaching guides you through the process of how the subconscious works and then how to recognize, access and change your subconscious programming until it move you in the direction of your conscious goal.

3) What is the basis for SR® Coaching?

SR Coaching is based on the reality that everything you do is emotionally driven. In other words you will always move toward what you perceive as pleasure and away, from what you perceive as pain. SR® Coaching guides you through the process of how to instantly change your emotional state which in turn will allow you to take control of your behavior. All this is done from the deepest level of the subconscious.

4) Have clinical studies been performed?

Yes. There have been several clinical studies on this program, some of which are posted on this site. SR Coaching is the result of over 22 years of research and development.

5) What is the difference between the process of SR® Coaching and every other Life Coaching Program or therapy for that matter?

SR® Coaching is not about telling you what to do. SR® Coaching is about empowering you to take control. It accomplishes this by starting with the most fundamental question and that is…What determines your behavior? If you can not answer this question then you are simply guessing. How can you move forward if you do not definitively know what is moving you forward? The other question you need to ask is…Can I fix anything if I do not know how it works? Until you change your subconscious programming through the process of SR® Coaching any change you wish to make will almost always be temporary.

6) Is this a subliminal program?

No. There is no scientific data on weather subliminal programs work or not. SR® Coaching allows you full control of your emotional state by taking you step by step through the process of how an emotion and a behavior come about. In other words, you will understand where you are now, what you need to do to make the changes you want, and how to get there.

7) What is the secret to making this program work?

The secret to making this program work is the consistent implementation of what you have learned. You may be dealing with a learned behavior that is 10, 20, 30 or 50 years old. You absolutely must intervene on the behavior you want to change with the tools you have learned from SR® Coaching until you have completely destroyed the old program and permanently installed the new one. The big issue is that right now you are programmed to allow the subconscious to run itself. This is the primary programming you will need to overcome if you what full control.

8) How does the SR® process work in the corporate environment?

With use of SR® in the corporate environment conflicts become usable, arguments are turned into a productive event and medical costs are reduced by empowering every employee with tools on how to consistently take control of their emotional state and behavior. Key personnel can be certified in the SR® process and designated to monitor the emotional states and behavior of all workers via a monthly deployment of the Emotional Checklist, Behavior Control Checklist and Relationship Satisfaction Scale.

9) Can I become a Certified SR® Coach?

Yes. You too can study to become certified as a certified subconscious restructuring coach. How would you like to start your own practice helping people gain control of their emotions? If you are already a coach or a holistic practicioner this may be a perfect fit to round out your other modalities. Contact Russ and ask him about how you can get started today.