Did you know that the potential inside yourself is limitless?

Are you living with no limits? Do you feel abundant?

It is amazing how many people out there are not aware of their true potential. It’s such a waste when amazing individuals don’t even care that a bigger future yearns for them.

What if right now you could harness the power of your mind to tap into the depths of your imagination? What if you could use it to solve any problem you are experiencing, no matter how big, bad or ugly you think it might be?

Be assured: Yes, You Can!

Feeling depressed?
Just imagine if you could instantly understand the source of your depression. Can you see the beauty in the remedy of your destiny? How would you like to start reprogramming your mind to pull you out of the darkness clouding your days?

All Alone?
Just imagine if you were able to attract your dream companion into your life right now? How would you feel to be adored and appreciated for who you are. Are you looking for a step-by-step process that you can use to help you manifest your dream mate?

Goal Challenged?
Just imagine creating a reality where your challenges are merely temporary puzzles? What would it mean to you to have coincidences unfold, doors open up, and achievement of your goals made possible?

Weight Issues?
Just imagine if you could resist your biggest cravings, feel hungry and full at the right times and avoid fad diets? How would it feel to happily manage your weight every day simply because your mindset changed?

Spiritually Grounded?
Just imagine if once and for all you could stop the deep down longing for more. Can you feel the joy and confidence that would come with a constant connectedness to your source 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, for the rest of your life?

Now imagine that you could have all this in a 70-minute telecall!

Be assured: Yes, You Can!

This Telecall IS For You If…

  • You will be wisely investing your time if you…
  • Feel out of your ‘comfort zone’ in social situations
  • Have negative internal dialogue
  • Over-analyze and create mental drama
  • Procrastinate on important projects
  • Fatigue mentally easily and have reduced concentration
  • Avoid taking an appropriate action because of self-doubt
  • Give up on your goals
  • Doubt your intuition

This life-transforming information is intended for brave seekers of self-exploration only.

This Telecall Is NOT For You If…

You will be absolutely wasting your time if you…

  • Have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to obtain victory
  • Will not follow through on proven action steps that lead to success
  • Like to play life safe living behind one excuse after another
  • Would rather talk about something than actually do it
  • Are waiting for everyone else to change before they will
  • Have no ability to be accountable or responsible for your actions
  • Want massive and immediate results with little or no effort
  • Do not take your life serious enough to invest in it
  • Want help, but only if you can do it you own way
  • Need to simplify your life but are intent on complicating things
  • Why won’t this won’t telecall work for you?

If you are a complainer, blamer, whiner, slacker, sloth or a flake then you are not welcome!

No commitment + No effort = No results Period.

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But before you do, please only sign up if you…

  1. You desire an easy step-by-step plan to implement changes in your life
  2. You will take immediate action towards your greatest intentions
  3. You are seeking a way to live with more purpose, passion and meaning
  4. You are committed to mastering a lifestyle that is effortless
  5. You can describe yourself with words such as motivated and persistent
  6. You are determined, coachable, and hungry for new results

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You must be ready for real results in your life because you are serious enough to be still reading about this offer. Russell would really like to see you achieve those results as well, but simply cannot extend this offer to an unlimited amount of people.

Many clients choose to utilize Russell’s services after his telecall’s and because he can only work with a select few, naturally he can only have a limited number of people on the call. Besides if Russell allowed too many people on the call the line would crash and no one would benefit.

Now imagine claiming your seat on the freight train of success!

Be assured: Yes, You Can!