Manifesting Kute Blackson Part III

It has finally happened…

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As of the time of this post the news is official… I have now met Kute Blackson live and in the flesh. It happened this past weekend and am still “vibrating” from the level that he helped take us to!

It turns out that the story way true, as Kute himself claims he came to my city because of an intuition received during his meditation. Something was telling him to offer himself more deeply here. He had no way of even knowing his meditation was right around my discovery of him on YouTube and the creation of my intention. 

I should add in fairness to the story that there were easily over 120 people out to see Kute at this event, therefore it would be ignorant to assume I was the only reason. The most important part was the Kute heard the message and honored it. 

Who delivered that message you might be tempted to ask? Why of course it was the world’s most fluid, precise and all-knowing accounting system, also known as the universe, or consciousness. When we send out messages (thoughts) the universe acts like an invisible delivery station that relays the right information to the right players. 

Best of all, when you tap into the universal system it takes care of all the details like the hows. I didn’t have to worry about any of that. In fact I didn’t even have to worry about buying tickets. Nor did I have to fly down to Los Angeles where Kute resides to go see him, instead he came to my hometown. I didn’t have to worry about any of the small details, my intention was set on a higher plane, the vision to simply meet and learn from him.

When you set an intention the universe has no choice but to shift all the players simultaneously around to accommodate your manifestation. The world is but a play and you are a character within it. Is it time to treat life and live it like you wrote the script? Who would you like to meet in this lifetime? Think about someone you admire. Who are your hereos, shereos? The sky is the limit. 

I know anything is possible because only a few short years ago I hadn’t met any one that was special to me. Then I conducted an intention-based experiment and wrote down a list of some interesting people that I would love to meet. Since setting the goal I’ve managed to meet the majority of them and have the pictures to prove it. People like Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Bijan, Kevin Nations, Bob Proctor, Nassim Haramein, Mike Dooley and now, Kute Blackson

Love this mans energy!

You have the capacity to create everything you desire in this life, so imagine bigger and better for yourself!

Top 10 Manifestations

Over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to attract, create and bring about some absolutely amazing and synchronistic events. I’ve tried to document these experiences as best I could and now present my list of Top 10 Manifestations

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The reason that I share these stories is not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you that anything is possible, as long as you believe!