Manifesting Police Leniency

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You are manifesting 24/7, 365 days a year whether you want to or not. You are manifesting 24/7, 365 days a year whether you believe it or not. You are attracting to you, by effort of your dominant thoughts, the situations and circumstances of your life, good, bad or indifferent. Many people view manifestation as something they are responsible for in good times only. What this means is that if there is a favorable outcome, then people tend to take responsibility for it, versus when the outcome is less desirable, then all of a sudden they forget who is in charge of manifesting.

When good things happen we like to take credit, but when things go wrong we are often tempted to dodge our accountability. Take for instance a recent trip I made to my mothers to pick up some things. After leaving my mothers and heading home I noticed that a lot of police vehicles were on the road. In two seperate instances I witnessed the police utilize u-turns to chase down their culprits. It made me think to myself “wow, the boy’s in blue are sure out in full force tonight!” as I continued the 35-minute drive home.

Just as I reached the half-way point I came across a very hard driving decision. I was doing about 10-15km over the posted speed limit when the light about 200 yards in front of me turned yellow. Being caught in one of those “grey” areas, one that doesn’t offer a clear cut solution, I was forced to decide whether to run the light or slam on my brakes and potentially skid through the intersection. Considering that it was very late at night and the limited number of vehicles on the road I decided to speed up and try and make the light before it turned completely red.

As I cruised through the intersection I thankfully noted that there were no vehicles and it helped me feel like I made the right decision. I continued on my route for another few minutes until I was distracted by the horn and siren of a police car in my rear-view mirror. I immediately pulled over to allow the vehicle to pass me but when they didn’t go around me I knew it was I whom they wanted. I pulled over at the next intersection, shut off the lights and turned off the car.

Two officers approached the vehicle and the first officer asked me where I was going and where I was coming from.  I replied to him that I was heading home from visiting my moms. He then asked the inevitable question “do you know why I pulled you over tonight?” upon which I replied “I have no idea”, which is recommended to everyone in such a situation. I think the only reason the cops ask you that question right up front is to allow you the opportunity to implicate yourself on charges that they weren’t yet aware of. Despite my apparent cluelessness, the officer very kindly reminded me that I had run a red light and that he had to speed (130km) just to catch up to me.

Uh oh… when you talk about manifestating something that you don’t want to take responsibility for this was definitely one of those not so good positions to be in. Afterall, who really consciously or deliberately admits to manifesting police officers to pull them over. Yet by the fact that this was what I was experiencing, it must be true. I wasn’t really aware of my “led foot” but since I was experiencing this reality I figured I must have been doing at least “something” to get their attention. Then I thought back to all the police cars that I seen on the way home, and wondered if it was my thinking about the cops that had actually gotten me pulled over.

I patiently sat in my car as the officer took my drivers license and registration information and went back to his vehicle. At this point I was resisting the desire to get upset with myself for speeding and running the light, and thankfully was able to center myself in the feeling of allowance, just being with the situation. At first I wanted to get angry at myself, then I wanted to get angry at the police, then I realized that this situation was all perfect, and that everything and everyone was on purpose. What happened the moment I truly let go of the situation was something I will not soon forget.

All of a sudden the officer came back up to my car and handed me my drivers licence and registration back, along with… not a single ticket, and instead a few words of wisdom and advice. The officer had decided to exercise lenience in this occasion and told me to keep the speed down and watch out for red lights. Wow… I couldn’t believe it! Somehow after letting go of the fact that I was about to get a ticket somehow the sitaution reversed itself for the better.

I really must applaud the officer for exercising his right to be lenient. The officer clearly had the right to write up a traffic voilation but opted to use leniency instead to enforce his point. I’m unsure about the exact reasons why the officer decided to do that, but I truly believe that it had to do with my letting go. I truly believe that had I fought the fact that I was pulled over from the beggining I would have walked away with at least two tickets.

In situations where you attract something in your life that is not truly desireable the trick is to be present with it and not allow it to affect the decisions you make in the moment. The more you can “just be” with any feeling, place, person or situation that you manifest, the better position you put yourself in to create a solution or to move forward from that point. Manifestation happens, sometimes for the better, other times for the seemingly worse. The more that you “own up to” all the things you attract in your life the more power you weld over the manifestations in your world.

Manifesting Toys

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Have you ever wanted something from a toy vending machine? You know the kind that have multiple toys that you might get, so the idea is that you spend more money than you would if you could just select the toy you wanted yourself. These machines were $.25 cents when I was growing up, now they are $1.00-$2.00! Never the less I was eating Vietnamese food with a friend and spotted an “X-men” toy that I wanted.

I wanted the “Wolverine” acion figure and my friend wanted the “Storm” and we began speculating as to how much at $2.00 a pop it would cost us to get the toys we wanted. The only problem was we couldn’t even see the toys and could be blindly spending money chasing toys that were sold out long ago. So I decided to use the Law of Attraction and the power of the universe to help solve our problem.

I told my friend that I would need their help and told them to focus on the end result, having the toy and being able to play with it at the table. Even better I told them, picture this cool figure hanging in the rear-view mirror of your car! The main thing was to feel the emotion, or fun in this case, behind having the toy. After we visualized this for a few seconds the next step was to release our intentions.

To release your intention means that you let go of the expectation that it will happen. Sure you desire it to happen, but let the universe know that everything will be ok if it gets the order a little mixed up. Although this rarely happens, it’s better when the universe has open potential to work with versus trying to cater to  you and your specifics.

In this toy example, a specific demand would have been to expect both toys to come out one after another, and on top of that specify what order they had to come out in order to be acceptable. The trick is to be excited about the feeling that will be produced, not necessarily what specifically is producing it.

Luckily we had no such expectations. The main goal was to spend as little money as possible while enjoying the benefits of the toy. After we finished eating I headed over to the machine and inserted my twoonie ($2.00). To my surprise the machine spit out two toys instead of one! We were already ahead of the game! What was really shocking was finding out that both toys were the Wolverine and Storm figures we wanted.

We excitedly opened our gifts from the universe and played with the toys before hanging them on the rear-view mirror just for fun. Did we somehow manage to guess what two figures would be spit out of the vending machine next? Was it just a coincidence that we were able to attract the exact toys and spend the least amount of money doing it? What are your thoughts, I’d love to hear them and hear about your crazy manifestation stories!