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Meet Me At The Emotion Code?

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Every year I like to attend at least one training that will blow my socks off and hopefully give me some thing to take back to my clients. This years event is the Emotion Code with Dr. Brad Nelson. The closest to my city that Brad will be stopping by is in Kelowna, B.C., so I have arranged to meet him there. Would you like to meet me at the emotion code and experience this event together? It’s at the beginning of March, so you would have to hurry up and decide.
Exclusive Material!
Come to this exclusive seminar and you will receive lots of hands-on practice with a variety of situations and people, and you will learn additional healing methods that are not even included in the book!
You Will Learn!
Wouldn’t you love to experience these benefits?
    Feel more emotionally connected with others than ever before
    Experience the lightness of releasing your own emotional baggage
    Be empowered to communicate with your own subconscious
    Learn the hottest techniques to tap into your own internal computer
    Acquire amazing tools to help your friends and loved ones
    Discover the unseen causes of illness most doctors aren’t aware of
    Internalize and practice healing methods known only to a few
    Discern your real health challenge and  what to do about it now
Remember, if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the information that you will receive at the Emotion Code Seminar, Dr. Brad will cheerfully refund your tuition, no questions asked!
Take a couple of days out of your life and learn these life-changing skills!
Here are just a few testimonials that people leaving a recent seminar had to say:
“Groundbreaking information thoughtfully and clearly presented” Brian M., Port Townsend, WA
“Very informative, hands on – clear, sequential presentation. Can’t wait to put this into actual practice. Thank you!!” Bonnie B., San Diego, CA
“You’ve been give a tremendous gift and I am privileged to have been at the seminar… What better way to understand ourselves and help others in such a profound way. The seminar gave plenty of information in a logical fashion, with adequate practice and Q&A. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!” – Heidi J., Santa Ana, CA
“‘Exciting’ possibilities This reinforces and fits much of my acupressure and healing touch training I have been getting towards my holistic health practitioner certification.” Kevin C., Hemet, CA
“Quantum leap into the ‘medicine’ of the future. I’m privileged to be part of healing the planet. Truly remarkable information that is ahead of all I have studied so far. This is the next step I’ve been looking for. Keep your wonderful sense of humor for laughter is healing in itself.” B.F., San Bernardino, CA
“Very informative and practical Would like to take this same class again. I believe it is the beginning of getting to the root of my health challenges. Yvonne H., Colfax, WA
“Great seminar! Spreading knowledge to help others. Information delivered in a easy to understand format. Can’t think of any way to improve the delivery or the sequence of information.” Marvin C., San Diego, CA
“I have been disappointed in many of the systems that I had previously explored because either they seemed to be more complicated than necessary or they were fear-based and limited by their restrictions. Your approach (TNT) has an eloquence based on simplicity and trust in the perfection of our design. I can’t imagine anything better to base healing on. Thank you for the experience. Your seminar is tremendous!” – Pam K., P.T. , Valley Center, CA
“Dr. Nelson has such a positive ‘attitude’ as a presenter and teacher that it would be impossible for anyone not to be amazed and inspired to do this work for themselves and others.” Dean W., Seal Beach, CA
“Unbelievable work I’m so blessed to be introduced to you and your work – thank you God Bless.” Suzanne A., Wilkeson, WA
“Most informative health training that I have attended. Great communicator.” Tom K., Gardena, CA
Hurry up and register before it’s sold out and you miss Brad in Canada!