The Power to Change

One of the amazing gifts of humanity is our frontal lobe. The front region of the brain was grown in response to an ability that homosapiens developed over-time. This evolution is so unique that it actually separates us from all other creatures on this planet… our unique ability to use conscious will-power to decide a course of action separate from “animal instinct”. We have within us the god-like power to change.

Yet as individuals and as a society as a whole we still act like animals. We kill one another, disregard our connection with nature, are aggressive and competitive. Basically we are caught inside the Ego. Separateness and feeling powerless are two of the most common examples of the illusion. People believe they are separate from one another and we feel powerless to change as if things are beyond our control. 

Have you ever wondered why? When you look deep enough you will find the disturbing truth that the conditions you are exposed to and manipulated by have been orchestrated to be this way. However, the voice of life cannot be silenced and the vibrance of humanity cannot be dulled. The response is answered by collections of consciousness that are organizing themselves in ever-increasing numbers. One just has to join a social media site like Facebook or google New World Order to find evidence of this happening.

This “resistance” movement of the people is in direct reaction to the repression, aggression and oppression of those in power. It used to be easy to use the above tactics to silence dissidents and keep incidents isolated and at-bay. However with the birth and rise of the Internet has changed the name of the game. Now information is slowly being strung together from seemingly separate sources that paints an interesting picture of the times. This idea of an unseen hand playing a part in our reality creation are starting to surface in more online movies.

Two such movies are Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica. In a little over two hours Esoteric Agenda catches the ‘lay-person’ up to speed with information and agendas that have been suppressed for thousands of years. What is great about the film is that this information is researchable and therefore verifiable. Find your own answers about what is “really” going on by taking the time to explore the ideas presented in Esoteric Agenda.

Kymatica is a follow-up presentation done by the creators of Esoteric Agenda. It is half the length but equal in value in terms of exposing yourself to “alternative” information. My goal in providing you these links is to share information for those who are meant to watch. If I could write a disclaimer for all information on this site, and for any other information you obtain from anyone for that matter, it would be:

Don’t believe a word I say, a word you hear, or the words you read.

When you finish watching these films and want someone to bounce your ideas and questions off of drop me a line.

Esoteric Agenda