Time Management is Perspective Management

Are you guilty of over-achieving in under-achieving?

When it comes to your personal life do you spend the majority of time in areas that yeild minor results? How about your professional life, are you focused on the real money-makers or the real time-wasters?
Put your hand up if you need more time in your life? Put your hand back down if you are not already making the best, most, and fullest use of your time now? If you’re like most people you probably don’t need more time, you need better time management.

The main principal of time management is perspective management. Perspective management is exercising the ability to change perspectives in search of positive emotions and experiences. When we chase these two items time often manages itself and we may even become lost in the pursuit.For example, if you were told to see how long you could dig through a sandbox under the sun it probably would become really boring very quickly. Can you imagine doing that day in and day out? No amount of time management is going to help you manage the time you have to spend doing this will it? So how do you shift gears? Simple… by shifting your perspective.

To prove the point consider that same sandbox again… Yet… this time you are told that the sandbox contains a priceless diamond that is all yours if you find it. Now this would be a different story wouldn’t it? You probably wouldn’t want to leave the sandbox until you found it. So what is the difference between the two stories? The only thing that has changed is the perspective.

Ask yourself this…Do you consider yourself an architect? Do you know what the role of an architect does? You should!

The truth is we are all architects when it comes to constructing the minutes of our lives. We are building ourselves and our experience every moment. Who and what you are is a result of what you have been building for thousands of minutes that have already passed.

Are you by chance a scriptwriter?

Well it wasn’t by chance yet still each one of us is our own scriptwriter. The play is never finished, no matter what your age or position in life. The ability to change your life at any moment is all due to this one important reason. It is the thing you can never give away no matter how many times that you lose it.

Yes I am talking about… Control.

No matter how much you failed to achieve and no matter how many times you achieved failure, you will forever and always have absolute control over this one thing… Your attitude. Believe it or not the most exciting thing happening in time and space right now is your life! When it comes to taking control and changing your life for once and all…

“Whether you believe that you can or believe that you cannot, you are right.”— Henry Ford  

It is time to fall in love again with yourself!

Personal empowerment is about understanding your true powers and your deepest purpose to allow you to utilize all of your forces and resources towards acheiving your core desires. It is time to rediscover yourself in a new light. You have been gifted the blessing of time and now this information.

Would you like to invest in something that would allow you to spend time doing what you love? Are you planning and organizing your time in such a way that you achieve your most important goals as quickly as possible? How would you like to start taking back your day today?

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